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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Reliability, price, and easy to refill. Asset to Mena."

"Friendly, polite, and very helpful"

"Friendly people always willing to help you get the lowest price on your Rx"


"Friendly and quick services"

"Local and friendly"

"Good service with good people"

"Good ol' hometown folks!"

"Fast and friendly people"

"Locally owned with informative, friendly, and intelligent people."

"Good ol' hometown folks!"

"They take the time to explain the side effects and other things about your medication. The staff and cashiers are all friendly."

"Friendly and caring"

"Incredibly friendly and helpful staff!"

"Always so friendly and helpful."

"Nice clerks! Great pharmacist!!!"

"I don't have to wait in line."

"How fast there are in getting my medicine to me"

"Friendly service"


"All employees are friendly and helpful. Our prescriptions are always filled in a very speedy manner and I never have to wait on my prescriptions."


"They know me as a person, not just a prescription, and go out of their way to help in any way they can."

"Personal attention"

"Compassion and willingness to find a solution to patients' problems"

"Brian and location"


"It supports my county"


"All of the above, and besides, you are just good people."

"Friendly and knowledgeable."

"The people! They all are smart, efficient, & friendly!!"

"Customer service is great and the wait time for your medicine to be filled is excellent. Best pharmacy ever!! Being able to use an app to fill my medicine is a bonus!"

"The friendliness and they're always willing to help save you money."

"It's like family. Always pleasant. SUPERB!"

"Always helpful"

"They are very helpful and kind. You don't have to wait too long for you medications or to ask a question about your medication."

"Very helpful, very friendly. They are a pharmacy that cares about their customers."


"The friendliness, being efficient, and always willing to get you the best price on an Rx."

"Hometown feel and personal care! Love these people!"

"There are no lines"

"Friendly & very helpful"

"Personal service"


"All of the above."

"The money goes to my town"

"The great personal service to do what is best for the individual customer. I never feel like the cash cow coming through. Great job Brian & your crew. Excellent!!!"

"They are always friendly and really make sure that you get your medicine"

"Always friendly and helpful. Scripts are filled in a timely manner."

"The amount of help available when needed."

"Best attitude and helpful."

"Brian and his employees are the best"

"There are no lines when you go to pick up."

"All of the above stars."

"Friendly staff. They sell hay."

"Fast and friendly. Always help if there is a question about anything!"


"Goes above and beyond. Goes out of the way to help in any way possible."


"Friendliness! Willingness to help & solve problems like contacting doctors, working with insurance companies, etc."

"Great staff; best customer service in town"

"Service and prices"


"Brian and his service attitude"

"The prices are great and the owner is super friendly."

"Brian and his staff are awesome with customer service; you know the Pharmacist on duty will do everything in their power to get you what you need at the best possible price; they go above and beyond working with your physicians & insurance companies"

"They know you when you walk through the door and ask if there is anything else that they can help you with."

"They know me as soon as I walk in the door & have my scripts pulled before I get to the register. Every employee, including the owner, is friendly, fun & helpful."

"They are friendly, know me when I walk in the door, and have my scripts pulled when I am ready to check out. They will order products for me if they don't have them on the shelves. They go out of their way to take care of their customers."

"Friendly, helpful staff"

"Casey, the tall boy, is always so pleasant."

"I like that the people who work there are so friendly and polite."


"Helpful, friendly, and efficient service at affordable prices"

"Friendly employees"

"Helpful, friendly staff; competitive prices"

"Luv this app so I can request refills when I realize I'm gonna be out and it's not business hours because, if not, I would forget by the AM then, oops, I'm out!"

"Friendly faces and willingness to communicate with patients"

"The personal touch of finding the best value"

"Personal service; timely checkout"

"The fact that they are all nice and will deliver if you don't have a way to get there. Also, if you have a question about you medications you can call and get answers about that medication."

"They are very in tune to the needs of their customers. They treat you like family. "

"Awesome team! Everyone is so friendly and helpful!"

"You just don't get any better than Brian and his staff!"

"They're fast and friendly."

"Great customer service!"

"Great service!"

"How fast they are and the people who work there"

"Everyone is great & the prices are great."

"Friendly and you are treated like a patron in their store rather than a number in a line."



"I have been with Freedom Pharmacy for years. They are always right on time with refills and so helpful with any questions ."

"I love how fast, friendly, and courteous the staff is."

You can help Freedom Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!